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Full-time web developer at Foo Inc. in sss
Full-time web developer 3 at Foo Inc. in London, UK
Full-time nice developer needed at temp name in London

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Full-time nice developer needed at temp name in London 20-08-2008
Full-time web developer 2 at Foo Inc. in London, UK 20-08-2008
Full-time web developer 3 at Foo Inc. in London, UK 20-08-2008
Freelance Illustrator/Photoshop expert at UnrealExpectations, Anywhere 20-08-2008
Full-time web developer at Foo Inc. in sss 20-08-2008

PHP Jobs

PHP developers and programmers are an essential part of front end production in business. They write the code behind all of the web’s best sites. If you like developing websites, have flare and imagination, are comfortable using a wide range of platforms, then you can become a top quality PHP programmer or developer. PHP looks and feels a lot like C/C++ at first inspection but there are a number of significant differences, mostly around the looser syntax and more modern approach to coding.

As a server-side scripting language it doesn’t matter what software the visiting user has installed, their browser will be able to see and experience exactly the same website.

PHP jobs can be both full-time and freelance, in-house and work at home. The development of modern technology means that PHP jobs can now take place anywhere where there is a computer and a reliable internet connection. Jobs range from large scale projects for multinational corporations to personal websites, small business websites and even government websites. As a front end PHP developer you can build up a wide ranging CV to help you apply for new jobs and projects.

MySQL Developer Jobs

One key element of PHP jobs is the development of MySQL databases. MySQL developer jobs are important because of the vast array of businesses using MySQL-based programmes and platforms for the front end applications. These include Joomla, WordPress, MyBB and Drupal. A good knowledge of MySQL is vital for PHP jobs for large Internet companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Wikipedia as all of these companies use it.

PHP Project Manager Jobs

Small scale projects and independent businesses only usually require a single employee for their PHP jobs. Small teams employed by a single business are often led by a PHP or software developer. Large scale projects require a project manager. These kinds of PHP jobs UK require vast amounts of experience as well as qualifications. The project manager is required to help conceive the project, plan it, design it and to put it in action. They oversee every aspect of the project from start to finish and must ensure it is delivered on time, to a high standard and on budget.